How do I add a new fixture to the system?

This support article is intended to guide you on how to add a new fixture to the system.

1. Login to the iPBS website.

2. Select Club Admin from the side menu on the left.

iPBS VPC Request menu

3. Click on Matches in the Match Management section.

4. Select the current Season, the Competition, the Team, and click on the green + button to display the Add new match window.

iPBS Club Admin Match Management

5. Select the Away Club in the first dropdown, the Team in the second dropdown, the Venue in the third dropdown, select the checkbox if the fixture will be broadcasted and enter the date and time in the last field.

iPBS Club Admin Add New Match

6. Click on Save to confirm the adding of the new fixture.

That’s it! You have now added a new fixture into the system.

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