The Internet Press Booking System or iPBS for short (pronounced ‘eye-pubs’) was launched back in 2009 as the flagship system for managing press and media attendance at Premier League football matches.

Thanks to its immediate success, iPBS from OppSport quickly expanded across all areas of venue and match accreditation to cover outside broadcasting staff, freelancers, club employees and match day officials.

Press officers and stadium staff now manage access using iPBS at incredible sporting venues such as Old Trafford (Manchester United FC) and the Allianz Park (Saracens RFC), hanging visitor passes around the necks of Sarra Elgan, Jamie Redknapp, Gary Lineker and others.


iPBS from OppSport is trusted for match day accreditation by the best there is, namely Premiership Rugby, Premier League and English Football League.

If there’s a sporting calendar across multiple venues, then iPBS is England’s number one proven solution to deliver security, reliability and simplicity for everyone connected to it.

The Premier League in England has been using iPBS for the last 11 years for all their fixtures, including their domestic cup matches. In addition, the Gallagher Premiership Rugby league has been using iPBS since 2010 for all their fixtures across the country.
So what sets iPBS apart from the rest? It’s the ability to accredit and track the activity of all media and broadcast rights holders across multiple venues in one central place.

Our combined database maintains access statistics for any number of stadia, so you know exactly who has been where throughout a season or tournament.

If there’s anything to report or consider from their previous visit to another stadium, be it a high-risk incident or a COVID-19 reported case, iPBS has the data to identify individuals and take appropriate action.

iPBS is hosted by us in the cloud on the world’s most secure GDPR-compliant platforms. It’s ready to plug right in with minimal training and implementation required.