iPBS has a tried and tested process for managing access to sports fixtures and displaying photo IDs and visitor details at the venue.

It’s one of the key reasons why the best leagues use it.


Each visitor to the match or event will be issued with a printed badge that fits inside a standard lanyard.

The badge displays essential pieces of information including:
  • Full name
  • Company or freelance name
  • Name of broadcaster or media company they are representing
  • Photo ID
  • Match details
  • Role at match e.g. Floor Manager or Commentator
  • Zones permitted for access
On the reverse side of the badge are explanations on the different zone colour and numeric codes along with any special messages requiring the visitor’s attention.

The access zones are colour and number coded to provide a clear and obvious recognition system. This enables all the stadium officials and stewards to easily identify who can go where at a quick glance to minimise entrance disruption.

The badges can be printed off standard, portable colour inkjet printers using regular paper, making it easy to carry out and mobilise.

All that’s required is to connect a computer to the printer that is logged in to iPBS and run the print jobs from inside iPBS on demand.

As iPBS is cloud-based, badges can easily be printed from anywhere that has power and an internet connection (or even via a 4G tethered phone if no hard internet connection is available) so inside the stadium, in a remote location or whatever is preferred.
iPBS currently manages multiple roles and representative types. They fit broadly into the categories of:
  • Administrators
  • Stadium managers and press officers
  • Broadcasters and their subcontractors
  • The media
  • Match managers
  • Stadium and venue staff
Each role category has its own workflow and user interface within iPBS to match their security levels and functionality requirements.

Got different category needs? No problem. These are totally flexible for customisation.
There are a number of different zones or areas used within sporting venues which can vary from one stadium to another due to their different sizes, access points and general hospitality capabilities.

The regular zones in operation at most regular venues include:
  • Gantry
  • Interview area
  • Pitchside
  • Press conference
  • Press lounge
  • Press box
  • Mixed zone
  • Observation seat
  • TV studio
  • Stadium AAA
  • Stadium and pitchside AAA
These zones are colour and number coded in the iPBS system and translated identically onto the visitor badge to ensure consistency and cohesion from administrative planning through to match day management.

Again, there is total flexibility to edit and add custom zones where required.
Match Numbers
Each match has a unique tag called a Round within iPBS, which acts as the match number and can be used to identify it directly from within the database.


Unlimited numbers of SAD passes can be printed off to act as generic passes for on-demand distribution during the day.

These will act as overflows for contractors, organisations or in any scenario where personnel may change daily.

These can also be tailored for designated areas if required, so for example you could print 150 for the Press Room and 50 for pitchside to help keep on top of visitor traffic and reduce overcrowding.

A classic use case for this may be where a broadcaster needs to get a cameraman to an area of the ground but he has to go through the tunnel to get there, which he wasn’t granted access to. They can give the camera team an SAD for this purpose.