iPBS contributes to an effective track and trace programme, both in advance of seasons and tournaments and throughout the duration of them.

One of the strengths of iPBS is the ability to see attendee data merged together for all access areas at every match across every venue being used within a league or tournament.

This makes it easy to accurately pinpoint queries and uncover trends on who has been where within a stadium and when exactly that was.

This information is vital in the socially distanced and controlled environments we are working within.

If there is any kind of contamination to a specific area, a health and safety issue arising or any individuals suffering from COVID-19 or similar who may need to be followed up for track and trace isolation, iPBS will have the data readily available to analyse.

Additionally, as iPBS is built on open architecture, we could undertake connections to other health or lifestyle systems which may help you gather wider data and create a holistic view of your community.