iPBS operates a user-friendly online accreditation process which is overseen and managed by club or organisation administrator users of the system.

Representatives will log on to iPBS and make their accreditation requests through the online portal, choosing what type of accreditation they require by checking the options to match their role or profile. For example, a photographer.

They then move through the simple workflow process, following the instructions to submit and upload the information required for decisions to be made.
The kind of security and personal details commonly requested are:
  1. Personal contact details
  2. Their general employer or freelance status
  3. The organisation being represented
  4. Photo ID (passport style)
  5. Insurance documents
  6. Any other credential or evidential documentation
Administrators have the ability to set requirements or limits for this information. This may be in the form of minimum values for personal insurance, the number of press cuttings showing articles or verified links to websites to show their photos appearing in commercially licensed environments. They could also be requested to submit invoices to support each of these work examples.

Once this information is stored and submitted, the administrator user views the profile and manually decides to Approve or Reject the representative for formal accreditation.

On successful acceptance, the representative will be activated in the system as an accredited representative. At this point they are eligible to be considered to attend any of the season or tournament matches.

The accreditation area can be styled and themed to match the club or organisation’s branding. iPBS also integrates with DocuSign, so if you choose to create contracts – either paper or digitally based – then the option is available.

Pre-defined contract templates can be stored to make the process quick and easy to roll out at scale.