iPBS is written in a common open platform architecture and is compatible to integrate and connect to most other software systems.

You can request integration with any chosen software you are currently using and we will consider this as part of our specification when we discuss your solution requirements.

Once you tell us which systems you would like to integrate with and how, we will initiate appropriate investigations with the company in question and feed back to you for a decision.
iPBS systems sit on leading cloud platform server infrastructure, utilising the security, speed and reliability of the world’s best providers.

Systems will be hosted on either a Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to give you total peace of mind that iPBS is unlikely to experience any downtime or security breaches.

All data protection and GDPR data processing policies can be found on the Google Cloud Platform and AWS websites.

The hosting will be managed and maintained by OppSport from the commencement of the contract and the cost is built into our service agreement.