An accreditation system is a software solution that everyone relies upon to manage the access requests for media, outside broadcasters, subcontractors, club staff and VIPs at stadium events.

On any given match day there can be a whole raft of newspaper journalists in the press room, in the crowd, photographers pitchside, TV presenters in the boxes and cameramen up on the gantry.

Each role or visitor type requires a different level of stadium access to meet their needs, like entrance into restricted zones, nearby catering services and priority parking passes.

Login access is restricted using secure sections of functionality dedicated to the user roles, so they only see what is relevant to them.

This means the club or organisation has master controls from an admin level and those who want to attend fixtures, such as media representatives or broadcaster rights holders, use it to request their access for each one.

The iPBS accreditation system provides all the benefits you’d expect of a unified database whilst creating a personalised experience for everyone that’s super-easy to follow.


These are the club or organisation’s primary users who have full access to the system and the Admin Console, where all the custom setups and configurations are made.


The media representatives will submit their own applications to be awarded a place at the match in whatever capacity they need.

Most likely they will need access to the press room, press lounge or the virtual press conference.


Match managers, who may be employed by the club whose venue is being used for the tournament, often act as the interface between the rights holders and the clubs and have access to manage games they are assigned to.

People in this match manager or press officer role could also control the accreditation process and stadium access for all match day visitors, as well as viewing and analysing post-match reports on attendees.

They normally help manage all visitors and access to areas while enforcing health & safety and security. They can streamline ticket distribution for all attendees using iPBS, helping to reduce administration and eliminate the risk of unwanted visitors.


Broadcasters such as Sky TV, Channel 4 and BBC Radio 5 Live and their subcontractors self-manage all aspects of their event day coverage.

As outside broadcasting is such a huge undertaking with many subcontracted companies carrying out the main body of work, iPBS has a tier system which allows subcontractors to book staff under the umbrella of the broadcasters. This is a huge assist to broadcasters in managing their production.

They liaise with club or organisation administrators to ensure their staff are approved to attend with the right access depending on their role within the broadcast operation.

Primary broadcasters take ownership of matches for national and international coverage. They work together with other broadcasters and rights holders to collaborate on logistics and ensure they are given access to the areas they need to carry out their own coverage.
To learn more about how an accreditation system works, feel free to book a demo of iPBS.