Clubs or organisations are totally in control of which representatives are coming to any of the matches at any of the different stadia through their central iPBS system.

Press and media representatives, such as newspaper journalists, photographers and radio reporters, submit their requests to attend a match through their own iPBS interface.

On receiving a request, they can choose to Accept, Reject or put them On Hold and select which zones or areas of the stadium they have access to.

The access zones are colour and number coded to provide a clear and obvious recognition system. This enables all the stadium officials, stewards and volunteers to easily identify who can go where at a quick glance to minimise entrance disruption.
Media representatives will apply through iPBS to the club or organisation to be present at press conferences that take place throughout match day.

Their badge will restrict them to those press areas only, ensuring safety and security and eliminating unnecessary footfall into other ring fenced areas.
Media and press can be accepted onto a Virtual Press Conference through iPBS if there are no places left to attend in person.

They will be sent a link to the live stream so they can log on when it starts and watch the session in the virtual room.

This is especially useful when social distancing measures are in force.
Once the match is over, administrator users can mark each person as Attended to keep track of who actually turned up to the game compared to who was initially accepted.

There are also fields to record seat and bib numbers against each attendee and any representatives that need to be added to the list due to late acceptance can be easily done in the same interface.